How to Lose a Stripper in 10 Seconds

In honour of Matthew McConaughey's early days and Kate Hudson's inability to get cast in decent roll since Almost Famous, I'd like to provide an instructional guide for people who want to have a bad time at a strip club:

How to Lose a Stripper (read: High-Powered, Self-Respecting Woman in a Hurry) in 10 Seconds:


Ask her age. Better yet, GUESS! Be sure to vocalize your hypothesis with everyone within earshot - especially the woman whose age is in question. Be that asshole at the carnival who guesses age and weight, and if you don’t have a prize that’s fuzzy and plushy waiting to gift her when you’re WRONG, she might up and leave even faster!



Ask how much money she makes! If you try to make yourself seem like less of an ass by quickly following up with “On average,” don’t worry, she will still walk away!


Tell her that her stage name is coincidentally your mother’s name. She already has enough laundry to do.


Don’t shower!


Tell her you’d love a dance, but if she’d wait a minute so you can go to the men’s room to switch into your sweatpants and rearrange the boner you’ve been sporting all night.



Ask her out for coffee! (Lose her even faster if you ask this before you even give her any money!)


Don’t offer her a drink!


Don’t make eye contact with her - ever! Especially when she puts out her hand to introduce herself! Be sure your eyes are fixed on Sports Center and she’ll be gone in a flash!



Talk about how much money you make!


Lie to her - tell her that you hate strip clubs, that you don’t usually visit them,  in spite of the fact that you are in that very moment sitting in a fucking strip club, all by your damn self on a Tuesday night!

And there you have it! How to alienate yourself from Enterprising Goddesses in ten easy steps!


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Money: It’s Terrible →

Adult Mag asked me and a few other brilliant women a few questions about money and this is what happened:

"The biggest assholes in strip clubs are the under-thirties with black Amex cards. They usually have really delusional fantasies that they don’t want to pay for. "

"When you realize how powerless a man becomes when faced with a naked woman, the rest of why things are the way they are in this patriarchal society start to make a lot more sense."

Follow the link to read the full article!


There is an incredible feature, shoot and interview with Pamela Anderson in the current SS14 issue of Purple magazine. There’s no denying that what she has achieved on a cultural and philanthropic level can only be described as iconic. The shoot and interview are by Sante D’Orazio, Pamela wears Manolo Blahnik, NYC Vintage, Jimmy Choo and Mandarin & General.